24W 45W Portable Frosted Flood Light SOLID 100 ~ 240V

Short Description:

The small size of frosted flood light SOLID is consist of 24W and 45W AC items, which include socket and non-socket versions for selection. When the portable work light is light on, the other devices can be powered through the rear socket. The ABS body protected by the 4 TRP corners is resistant to hit and drop, adding the waterproof and dust-proof advantages, the series is ideal for workers in many kinds of occasions, including construction, building, roadside sites, etc.

PC cover makes the light softer, which can better protect the eyes from strong light. Ergonomic handle design combines cable rolling function, which makes the portable flood light can be well stored after daily work. The suitable size is no doubt perfect for take-out operation.

Product Detail

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Product Certificate


Product Parameter

Art. number S20WF-H01 S20WF-H02 S50WFN-H01 S50WFN-H02
Power source 64 x SMD 2835 64 x SMD 2835 132 x SMD 2835 132 x SMD 2835
Luminous flux 2500lm 2500lm 5000lm 5000lm
Operating voltage 100- 240V AC 50/60Hz. 100- 240V AC 50/60Hz. 100- 240V AC 50/60Hz. 100- 240V AC 50/60Hz.
Rated power (W) 24W 24W 45W 45W
Bean angle 110° 110° 110° 110°
Color temperature 5700K 5700K 5700K 5700K
Cable 5 meter
H07RN-F 2G1.0mm²
5 meter
H07RN-F 3G1.5mm²
5 meter
H07RN-F 3G1.5mm²
5 meter
H07RN-F 2G1.0mm²
Plug type Socket/CH/GB Socket/CH/GB Socket/CH/GB Socket/CH/GB
Number of sockets N/A 1 piece 1 piece N/A
Socket outlet type N/A Socket/FR/CH/GB Socket/FR/CH/GB N/A
Switch function


Protection index IP65 IP54 IP54 IP65
Impact resistance index


Color rendering index


Energy efficiency class E E E E
Service life

25000 h

Operating temperature

-20°C ~ 40°C

Store temperature:

-20°C ~ 50°C

Poduct Details

Art. number S20WF-H01 S20WF-H02 S50WFN-H01 S50WFN-H02
Product type

Frosted flood light SOLID

Body casing


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


N.W. per lamp (g) 1445 1925 1650 1670

M6 screw, lamp, manual


color box

Carton quantity

4 in one


Sample leading time: 7 days
Mass production leading time: 45-60 days
MOQ: 1000 pieces
Delivery: by sea/air
Warranty: 1 year upon goods arrive destination port


2 meter tripod


Q: Which item is more popular?
A: The best seller is S50WFN-H01, it also depends on the areas you need to light on, we have higher power items, you can please just refer to the recommendation.

Q: How to use the light on the tripod?
A: You can fix the light on the tripod by the M6 screw accessory through the hole of bracket, and it is OK to adjust the angle of the light by the rotatable bracket.


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