Headlight Rechargeable Motion Sensor Headlight

Short Description:

This headlight is made of durable ABS material with a IP54 protection, this is shock resistant and waterproof.
The hands-free headlamp can be adjusted from 0° to 90°, which makes the light to different angles and range. When at different angles, the lamp can be fixed firmly and doesn’t shake during working or running.
As a headlight, it uses very elastic and comfortable headband, you can adjust its size and length to fit your head.

The headlamp has an additional motion sensor function, you can easily turn it on/off by waving your hands when your hands are occupied or dirty.

There’s two kinds of battery optional, the rechargeable or the dry cell battery. You can replace whatever you want.

The small and compact size make it very convenient to store, you can carry it into your pocket or put it in any toolbox.

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Art. number HL03BR-NC01 HL03BR-NC02
Power source COB COB
Luminous flux 250lm(front); 80lm(torch) 250lm(front); 80lm(torch)
Batteries Li-ion 3.7V 1000mAh 3XAAA
Charging indicator Green/red Green/red
Operating time 3H/250lm; 6H/80lm Depends on the dry cell
Charging time 3H@5V 1A charger N/A
Switch function 250lm-80lm-off;   Motion sensor switch: On-off 250lm-80lm-off;   Motion sensor switch: On-off
Charging port Type-C N/A
IP 54 54
Impact resistance index(IK) 07 07
CRI 80 80
Service life 25000  
Operation temperature -20-40°C  
Storage temperature -20-50°C  

Poduct Details

Art. number H03BR-NC01 HL03BR-NC02
Product Type Headlight
Body casing ABS
Length (mm) 64
Width (mm) 52
Height (mm) 35
N.W. per lamp (g) 109  
Accessory N/A
Packaging Color box


Sample leading time: 7 days
Mass production leading time: 45-60 days
MOQ: 1000 pieces
Delivery: by sea/air
Warranty: 1 year upon goods arrive destination port


Question: Is the USB charge the battery? What’s the battery capacity?
Answer: There’s a Type-C cable can charge the battery, it is 1000mAh Li-poly battery.

Question: Is the battery replaced?
Answer: Yes, it is replaceable battery, and also you can use the dry cell.

Question: How can I activate the motion sensor function.
Answer: There’s a separate switch button, please push that button when you want to activate motion sensor function.

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