5000lumen Battery Powered Mains Power 360 Portable LED Work Light For Construction

Short Description:

This 360 portable floodlight is battery rechargeable and mains power, This two-in-one design perfectly solves the problem that many workplaces do not have electricity, and can also meet the application of connecting to the mains power. The 360° illumination can well meet the needs of various work lighting, and can be used with tripod, or can be directly suspended using the bottom hook;
The milky cover and non-flickering design makes eyes comfortable and not tireless.  The product brightness can be adjusted to four levels from 25% 1250lumen to 100% 5000lm.
The sturdy base and lampshade allow the product to be used in many harsh working conditions.

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Art. number S50FL-CS01
Power source 96XSMD 2835
Luminous flux 5000lm
Batteries  11.1V 2600mAh
Charging indicator Battery meter
Operating time 2.5H
Charging time  2.5h@12.6V/4A
Input Voltage 220V-240V/50~60Hz
Cable 5m H07RN-F 3G1.5
Switch function 25%50%-75%100%-off
USB output 5V 2A
Charging port Hybrid port
IP 65
Impact resistance index(IK) 08
CRI 80
Service life 25000
Operation temperature -20-40°C
Storage temperature -20-50°C

Poduct Details

Art. number S50FL-CS01H
Product Type Battery powered main power 360 portable floodlight
Body casing ABS+PC
Length (mm) 240
Width (mm) 200
Height (mm) 195
N.W. per lamp (g) 1268
Accessory M6 screw, T shape metal bracket
Packaging Color box


Sample leading time: 7 days
Mass production leading time: 45-60 days
MOQ: 1000 pieces
Delivery: by sea/air
Warranty: 1 year upon goods arrive destination port


Question: Is the battery replaceable?
Answer: No, it is non-replaceable. Only the qualified people or the manufacturer.

Question: Is this lamp dimmable? How?
Answer: It is four level dimming from 25% to 100%, just like 25%-50% -75%-100% .

Question: Does this come with hardware?
Answer: Yes, it generally comes with a T shape accessory and two M6 screws which can install the lamp to the tripod. Or you can choose our BM01 magnet plate to absorb the lamp to the metal ceiling or metal surface.

Question: How long the lamp can be operated?
Answer:The operation time is around 2-2.5H.

Question: When the lamp connected by the mains power, is the battery getting charged?
Answer: Yes, the battery is getting charged, but not 100% input.

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